Monday Musing – Diversity

is the flower that blooms this year
the same as last years glory?
I think not
grown from the same stock
but shaped by time and season
each bud born original and new
so why not people too.

© ceenoa

6 responses to “Monday Musing – Diversity”

  1. lovely thoughts and words! So it moved me to pen a sort of accompanying thought, though maybe on a different wave length. See “Each is One” on blog.

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    1. will check it out.


  2. Love this one Claudette!

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  3. This is such a perfectly simply thought and I have no answer to why not. Having watched Mississippi Burning last night for the first time I am in bleak mood for my first 4th July and your words actually quite literally capture what I feel. Thank you dear you 🙂

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    1. Glad that it spoke to you. The world is a very intolerant place – sometimes a small thought might help someone.

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