Reach for the Sky

What I did today as part of my new employment.

A Handful of Time

Well, in this case it wasn’t the sky I was reaching for, but the rusted iron blocking it out.  My job today was to help my sister re-roof the old pottery studio at her house.  The iron was rusted right through in places, and looked like aged brown lace, and covered with about 10 years worth of fallen leaves and twigs from the gum trees surrounding it.

It took several hours just to remove the 5 sheets of iron, since we didn’t actually have the proper tools (a single blade electric hacksaw would have made short work of those nails), only hammers and a pry-bar, determination and sheer stubborn woman power!  Who would have though brown lace rusted iron could put up such resistance.

Much whacking and thumping with hammers ensued several times whilst trying to break the bonds of long held affection between rusty iron and old hardwood.  In…

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4 thoughts on “Reach for the Sky

  1. lindywhitton 20/10/2016 / 9:33 pm

    Love my new roof!!! Thanks to my handy sister and the Woolley determination..

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  2. Osyth 21/10/2016 / 1:24 am

    Well done ladies …. you deserve a pat on the back and a glass of whatever you fancy!

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