It’s been a while

i thought some thoughts and typed them,
here upon this screen,
and then I accidentally wiped them,
and now they are unseen!

© ceenoa

Sun Cresting through fog (2)

14 responses to “It’s been a while”

  1. All the words that are on my email didn’t come out here. Liked that verse. Lost ione of my former posts when I edited and put a new post over it! GRRRRR!

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    1. Perhaps they were never meant to be.


  2. I love the verse and I adore the picture. Thank you 😊

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  3. I can see them!! 🙂

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  4. Support I offered, and search I did,
    For the words she had before.
    I looked down, and there I found,
    Scrambled letters on the floor.

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    1. Oh, I like this muchly. You should write more of this thing.
      Thank for the support Brian, really appreciate the thoughtfulness you show in your comments.

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  5. I did that today and was so furious! I hit the undo button so many times in desperation, to no avail. And of course, I’m certain the lost words were the most brilliant I’ve ever written. 😉

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    1. How sad for you. I am just as sure that your replacement words will be as good as, if not better, for you are a gifted writer.
      I am actually happy my words disappeared, they were a bit “blah” (which prompted verse 2, that I then intentionally deleted).

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  6. Oh my! At least you had some thoughts to type in the first place. 😄 (I think the summer heat has fried my brain and coherent thoughts have been hard to come by.) 😝

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    1. So frustrating when that happens, isn’t it. It’s chilly here, so maybe my silicone core has cooled down, and the synapses just aren’t firing (well, I can use that excuse). 🙂

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  7. The words that made it to the screen made me smile- the undo button does not make me smile cause it never seems to undo the stuff I do.

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    1. It wasn’t an intentional undo until the second verse. I don’t like the Mistake undo’s, they are frustrating. 🙂


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