A snippet of shots in Spring


11 responses to “A snippet of shots in Spring”

  1. Lovely murals! 🙂

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    1. They are. There are a bunch of others that I haven’t got photos of yet.

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      1. Looking forward to seeing them sometime 🙂

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  2. The pink flowers are so beautiful!

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    1. Thanks, they are sweet. Don’t normally like pink azaleas, but these are small and lots of them.

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  3. The inversion looks good Claudette. You have some interesting murals down your way.

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    1. I love that wattle blue. And yes, the murals are interesting. Still haven’t got them all yet, I especially like the kraken climbing the truck (real 3d)

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    1. Thanks WD. Must take photos of the others, they are very different, each to the other.


  4. I especially like Mural #1…

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  5. Yes, think that is probably the most “normal” of them all – and very nicely done.

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