A Shot of Thanks #1

Last week I enjoyed reading this post from Kat, and it has prompted me to do something similar, in my own “I don’t follow rules” way.

Things I am thankful for this week


1:  Colour – gorgeous, vibrant, colour from my own garden.


Noah in Pool (4)

2:  Spending time with my daughter and grandchild on a beautiful, warm summers day.



3:  Leisure time to be creative.

I hope your week has been filled with good things to be thankful for.


13 responses to “A Shot of Thanks #1”

  1. I like your good things! I always feel better when I think about these good things in my life. 🙂

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    1. It does leave a nice fresh feeling. Thanks Kat.

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  2. Those are indeed very good things, and a reminder I need more color in my life. 🙂

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    1. Colour, I love it, it makes me feel happy. Thanks CJ.

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  3. Love those beautifully painted tiles, with their delightful splashes of color. 🙄

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    1. They didn’t start out that way, but they did end up lovely. Sometimes is not easy to keep going when things don’t look like they are working, but then you get the pleasure when it does. Thanks QG for your lovely comment.


  4. Those tiles are gorgeous!

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    1. Thanks Nate, the set did work out well. I enjoy doing tiles as they are a great surface to work on and can be turned into something practical to use.


  5. Love this. Such beautiful things to be grateful for. There’s always something isn’t there? 💖

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    1. There always is. 🙂 And aren’t we lucky that that is so.

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  6. Definitely things to be grateful for, Claudette.

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Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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