24 thoughts on “Early Autumn

  1. skybright1 18/03/2018 / 4:17 pm

    Yeas, its been good, I went to visit a couple of “older” people yesterday and took another “older” person with me. Today I went to church and tended my little great grandchild while her mother was absent, then a daughter had a bowl of soup with me on her way home. This afternoon I visited a sick friend. {All this “older” person stuff and seeing my friend who is much younger than myself, and is wheelchair bound, makes me very grateful for the weekend I have had} And the wonderful rain! Yes I do feel refreshed by the weekend!

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    • Claudette 19/03/2018 / 6:23 pm

      Ah, all was good in your world then. πŸ™‚


  2. Dick Dastardly 18/03/2018 / 6:44 pm

    Good morning. Once again some truly wonderful photographs. My favourite? Clover and bee but a difficult decision.
    My weekend is spent working. Currently -1Β°c outside. My weekend starts on Tuesday. I hope you have a great one

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    • Claudette 19/03/2018 / 6:25 pm

      The clover and bee was serendipity – I just lay down to take the clover and a bee happened along – so nice of them. πŸ™‚

      Minus 1 is a tad cold, keep warm, and enjoy your weekend whatever part of the week it occurs in.


  3. Ali 18/03/2018 / 6:49 pm

    Gorgeous textures! I love a close-up.

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  4. Osyth 19/03/2018 / 3:29 am

    I just adore your photographs – you have such a fabulous eye … my favourite today is the spotted toadstool (Fly Agaric?) hiding behind those bright green blades πŸ„

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    • Claudette 19/03/2018 / 6:28 pm

      Yes, the nasty little Fly Ag – they pop up everywhere in my garden at this time of year. I do love the colours, and they are so “fairyhouse”, but now with little grandson wandering around it causes me major angst.

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      • Osyth 19/03/2018 / 7:52 pm

        Yes, they are not good news with tots about. My father succeeded so well in convincing me never to touch one that I became phobic of all fungi for years. I laugh now but really I am glad he did because the alternative of a tiny being predictably attracted to its spotty cap is not worth risking πŸ„

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  5. CJ Hartwell 19/03/2018 / 12:16 pm

    What a lovely pink rose! We’re in bloom here too, but it’s Spring for us. πŸ™‚

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    • Claudette 19/03/2018 / 6:29 pm

      Thanks Christi – my roses are still blooming, 2 weeks into Autumn, but it is still quite mild here. I suspect they will go into hibernation soon.

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  6. lindywhitton 19/03/2018 / 10:49 pm

    The pink one next to the rose – I feel I should know it but I don’t- anyway I love it!


    • Claudette 20/03/2018 / 8:07 pm

      That’s a macro of Eli’s succulent flower – no idea what it’s called.


  7. Brian Lageose 20/03/2018 / 8:59 am

    Naturally, I’m drawn to the Inverted White Feather, which is also very similar to a nickname I once had during my initial, shy dating years… πŸ˜‰

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    • Claudette 20/03/2018 / 8:08 pm

      Not going there ….so not going there ….. Oh, Damn, went there in my mind!

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  8. wdfyfe 21/03/2018 / 11:23 am

    Wow! Is that a real mushroom is picture #4?


    • Claudette 21/03/2018 / 6:01 pm

      It is real. They are highly poisonous Fly Agaric Fungi – blasted things pop up everywhere here at this time of year. – just touching them can cause problems. I usually stomp them with my gumboots – or run over them with the mower. Having the nearly 2 grandbaby running around outside has increased my paranoia gigantically.


  9. Miriam 22/03/2018 / 1:50 pm

    What a collection of wonderful photos from nature. It’s so calming and peaceful being outside isn’t it? πŸƒ

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  10. Quirky Girl 23/03/2018 / 10:57 am

    Ooh! The glistening rose is simply splendid. I love it when everything in nature blooms and brims with lovely colors. πŸ™‚

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    • Claudette 23/03/2018 / 7:23 pm

      She is a beauty, and Nature knows how to dress to impress.


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