Shot of Thanks #5

I am grateful for having to travel 70+minutes and 65kms each way to work every day.

Well, actually I’m not grateful that I have to travel that much as it costs a lot in petrol, but I am thankful that I have a reliable vehicle to do it in, and I am grateful that most of it is country highway driving which gives me time to look at the passing scenery.  I have really enjoyed the last two evenings drive home because they have included the sight of beautiful cloud formations.

Tonight, in fact, there were lots of “Mother Ship” cloud formations.  Don’t know what a Mother Ship cloud looks like?  Imagine a big fat ovoid of solid fluff, red running stripe down the centre of the cloud – that’s it – A Mother Ship Cloud – MSC for short.  There were many, many of all sizes tonight, long slim cigars, fatter sleek sports blimps, small cutters and huge carrier ships.   I’m actually a bit worried that THEY really are here – and hiding behind the fake MSC formations.

Needless to say, I did not get a chance to stop and take a photo before the light was too low to make it worthwhile, but I did visually soak it up, and it was glorious.

To make reparations for the lack of MSC photos, please accept this “edited” version of our sunset from the last day of April.  In reality it was glorious, deep reds across the sky, and I have just “deepened” it a bit in the editing for pure indulgence.

April Sunset - edited(2)

I hope that your life is filled with many moments to be thankful for.

13 responses to “Shot of Thanks #5”

  1. Having a beautiful view like that is enough to make the drive manageable!

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    1. That is my view form my kitchen window, but the drive has similar scenery.

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      1. Beautiful! 🙂

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  2. You’re probably right that ‘they’ are hiding behind those cloud formations! 🙂 That is a beautiful sunset photo!

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    1. It was a stunnerI agree. I hope “they” are friendly and tolerant.

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  3. I hope whatever is behind those clouds is as beautiful as your photo. Claudette. I always think that Autumn and winter sunsets are by far the most stunning.

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    1. They do seem to have a little quality of light that is different. Thanks for the compliment Hugh.

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  4. That’s your view!!!! All that and a platypus too! No wonder you’re so cheerful all the time.

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    1. Haha – how kind of you to say. I am appreciative that I have a view of country, and that this glorious stunner of a sunset showed – don’t normally get colours that strong in this part of the valley becasue fo the tree line hiding them.

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  5. I keep mildly threatening to move to your neck of the woods, and it just might happen if you keep posting delicious shots like this… 😉

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    1. Ah, well there is plenty of space down here – 🙂 and friendly faces.

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