The Lid

I gathered them up and put them,
Copper and Silver Lidded Resin Bowl (7)in a place they could be hid,
and just to make sure they couldn’t escape.
I covered them with a lid.

They are my sweetest treasures,
invisible to your eyes,
yet when I look upon them,
their richness makes me smile.

No thief in the night can steal them,
from the place that they are hid,
and when I am feeling broken,
I gently lift off the lid.

© ceenoa

14 responses to “The Lid”

  1. I totally enjoyed that poem and the pic accompanying it!

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  2. Is that box one of your creations? It’s beautiful, along with the words accompanying it.

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    1. Yes, it is. Thanks Lily. 🙂

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      1. I was wondering if you made it! Truly beautiful, as our your words. Oh you, who claim not to be a writer! 😉

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        1. Blushing. 🙂 Thanks. I think of myself as a scribbler, that makes me feel comfortable. A WRITER is a very serious thing – so not me 🙂

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  3. This is beyond lovely. The words are whimsy and evocative and as every your photography is sublime

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    1. Ah, you flatter me – but I accet 🙂 Thank you dear Osyth.

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  4. This is beautiful. As is your lid. You have a beautiful spirit.

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    1. Thank you Ali. 🙂


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