Little Grey Whippet

It all happened so fast
on a blind corner on the highway
I couldn’t swerve to miss you

you ran straight into the road
cars coming both ways
you turned back in front of me

the sound of the impact
lingers long after the fact
so loud, for such a small thing

I don’t know whose friend you were
a little grey whippet
worn leather collar but no tags

The comfort of strangers
as I cried on the edge of a busy road
for a little grey whippet.

Somewhere, someone will be wondering
when you don’t come home
I’m so sorry.

14 responses to “Little Grey Whippet”

  1. How sad but try not to blame yourself.

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    1. It was, and there wa sabsolutely nothing I could do about it, I know that. It;s jsut sad. Thanks Dick


  2. Sorry that happened. It leaves a nasty feeling.

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  3. Oh Claudette, my heart is ripped in two for you. What a dreadful thing to happen. Of course, as you know, there was nothing you could do to avoid this little creature but that will be no comfort at all when coming terms with the shock of and impact that ends a life. And you, being you, are thoughtful enough to know that someone is missing their companion. But that someone would not be harsh on you either. Go gently, dear lady – I’ll be thinking of you.

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    1. Thank you Osyth, I appreciate your kind words and warm thoughts.

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  4. just sad — that’s all

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  5. How sad, and even more that you can’t explain to the family who are left to wonder where he went. Your poem is a lovely tribute.

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    1. I hope the thye may have been chipped, and the Council will find them, but I think that is a vain hope. Thank you for your kindness.

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  6. Oh, Claudette, my heart hurts for you. I know this situation, and it tears at you. But trust that the little spirit felt your compassion as it journeyed to wherever little spirits go…

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    1. Thank you Brian. Sometimes that is all you can do, be there when something dies. That is life, isn’t it!

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    1. It was, it still is. Thanks.

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