Passing Through

you pass through
like sunrise behind clouds

you pass through
in smoke on autumn air

you pass through
when wind ripples across sand

elusive and ephemeral

and whole worlds birth and die
as you pass through

© ceenoa

4 responses to “Passing Through”

  1. The poetic response: Lovely words, as usual, capturing the transience of who we are and where we go. The sarcastic response: Are you talking about the truculence of broccoli as it works its way through our systems? (You know I had to go there. Please forgive.)

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    1. Haha, sure, it was all about the broccoli.

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  2. This was beautiful Claudette, our beginning, living and dying, woven together like a dance.

    Please forgive Brian. He had to say it. 😉

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    1. Thanks CJ. Glad you found substance in it. I always forgive Brian, he makes me laugh, and that is a very good thing.

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