I should have been a fencer.

Drive entry, broken top rail

I was going to write a rhyme about the cost of needing a new fence
but i can’t because my brain is feeling much too dense.

the end,  maybe … depends on the brain really

i should have been a fencer
the pay seems pretty good
the supplies grow all around me
’cause they are mainly made of wood.

yeah … definitely needs a less dense brain to get this one going.

6 responses to “I should have been a fencer.”

  1. Not dense- just in shock at the cost of a new fence I expect.

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  2. And here I pictured you dressed in white with sword in hand, dueling with Brian. Your version makes more sense and I’m sure there’s not much money to be made with mine. 🤺

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    1. I don;t know, peopl could pay me NOT to stab him – we all need Brian in our blogs. Perhaps I could hold his loyal followers to ransom?

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  3. Well, since Christi started the merriment, I’ll just continue it. I would be happy to duel with you, mon cher, as long as nobody gets hurt and we end the day with a nice barbecue…

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    1. Mmm, my idea of “fencing” is a 2 x4 or a star picket – not sure they wouldn’t hurt :0 As i mentioned to Christi, I think I might get paid NOT to hurt you from your loyal followers, so there could be something in that for me 🙂

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