Dare to Be

If you Dare wig cropped
“If You Dare” – Raquel Welch Wig

I can put on my hair just like a hat,
but I’m still silver gray underneath that.

Which is prettier? which is more real?
it’s the way that you wear yourself, it’s the way that you feel!

In learning to “be” there are times not to see,
the way others look, and that includes me,
at the colour I wear or the length of my hair.

So be slightly crazy
the times getting shorter
until all that is left
is the things that you “oughta”

© ceenoa

10 responses to “Dare to Be”

  1. You remind me of Delsa with that hair.

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    1. Brett said Aunty Rose


  2. You look GREAT. I think wigs are terrific and let you express different parts of your personality. I don’t necessarily miss some of the clothing from the 70s, but I do miss the wigs that were so prevalent then. Folks just had a good time with them…

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    1. Thanks Brian -I am just trying to have fun 🙂


  3. I’m with Brian, wigs are fun and you look terrific!

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  4. Oh my giddy Aunt! You look so cute!

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    1. Thanks Lily, this realy is a good one if it makes me look cute 🙂 😉

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