Her Name

she cannot be contained
destruction her desire
she rages

she runs her path
unfettered and leaping
death dancing

her name is spoken
by broken hearts
in ashes

she touches us all
there or here
with fear

for we are fools
who forgot her
dark lessons

now she runs amok
incandescant with power
burning all


© ceenoa

Oz Fires


May the Universe give blessings to all those impacted by the bushfires, and protect those who face her ravenous appetite directly, day after day, whilst saving lives and homes.

13 responses to “Her Name”

  1. Wonderfully descriptive words.

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    1. Thanks – it took a while to get the flow right.


  2. Wonderfully descriptive words. Thank you.

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  3. Describes the feeling perfectly. She is ravenous and fearfull…if all our tears could fall on her perhaps she would be calmed.

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    1. Thanks. Sure there are plenty of tears to go round too, sadly


  4. That was powerful and just a little bit frightening in it’s description. Wonderfully written Claudette.


    1. Thank you Lily. She is powerful and frightening, sadly.

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  5. I sent it to A Nett and she said it was very powerful.

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    1. Thanks Mum, glad she liked it.


    1. She is, but like so many of the beautiful, deadly.

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  6. Like the others who commented before me, I found your words both powerful and descriptive. Beautiful work, Claudette.

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