Pondering if I am a “real” Artist

Hello, is anyone there? Probably not, as I’ve been gone for ages, eons, a very, very long time. In fact, I see that I haven’t posted here since October 2020, so lets just round it to “missing, alive, but just not talking because she ran out of words to share”. Seems to cover it!

I’ve just read a few of my last posts, and I’m always a bit amazed when I do, as I usually wonder if it was actually me that wrote it, because, mostly, it doesn’t sound like the me in my head does. It sounds better! Now, I don’t mean that in an egotistical way, I just mean that I am a bit surprised that I managed to write something that has an effect on me when I read it again, and that it doesn’t make me go “oh, that was just me writing it, so ignore it completely as a bit of fluff, because I doubt it can be any good”.

Ahh, I can’ express what I’m actually trying to say without sounding like a big head, but it just surprises me when I read it again and think, “actually, that is quite good”. So there, me big-heading myself on the internet.

All the above preamble is an aside to what I actually wanted to post about, which is that I am taking part in my first, real, legitimate, art exhibition, jointly with my sister Lindy, from Lindy Whitton Studio. From 19th to 30th May 2022, we will be at the Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania. Our exhibition is called “Nature Preserved” and it’s made up of my Resin Nature Art, and my sister’s fabulous paintings, collograph and botanical printings.

This has, of course, made me question whether the taking part in an art exhibition actually makes me an artist! I am not convinced, but I pretend that it does because it makes me feel grown up, and justifies all the dosh I have spent on my hobby of the last 3 years!

The thought of this exhibition has also caused some level of anxiety, in that i just don’t actually feel like an artist, so therefore it follows that my creations aren’t art and can’t be worth much; and must, in fact, be useless amounts of money, time and energy invested into my hobby which then resembles something that isn’t “real” art!

I have been given many compliments on my art, people have paid for my art, requested I make art for them, I even love most of my art, yet I can’t quite believe it is “Art”, and that I am worthy of sticking a $$$ cost on it (that isn’t excessively humble) and displaying it in a gallery. Ah, the delight of self doubt!

Even though I have all this “am I an Artist” internal monologue going on, I WILL actually be participating in this joint exhibition, so if you are out there, reading this rambling post, wish me luck; ask the Universe to send me good vibes; say nice things to me so my self-esteem gets a little boost; if you live in Tasmania come and visit the exhibition; and finally, support my hope that someone buys something from me, from a real Art Gallery!

12 responses to “Pondering if I am a “real” Artist”

  1. Hello Claudette, good to see you again! Congratulations to you and your sister on your upcoming exhibition – and of course you are an artist, you create beautiful art and in my book that’s the only criteria 🙂

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    1. HI Ruth, thanks for your vote, I truly appreciate it. I’m trying to find some time each night to go peruse blogs I have missed, and so I will be visiting. Looking forward to seeing what you ave been up to.

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  2. Top marks from me as an “artist” ! What else could you possibly be with the beautiful items you create?

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    1. Ah, thanks Mum, (maybe you are a tad biased?) but I thank you for your support of my creations, its always nice to hear what you feel/think about them.


  3. I understand your thoughts. It’s probably only in the last few years I’ve started to call myself an artist when asked what I do. Before I would say “I’m retired and I paint and print a bit. Of course you are an artist! I read your words and simultneously think that doesn’t sound like Claudette and that sounds just like Claudette- ther’s real artistry in that!

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    1. Thanks Lindy, it is an odd experience. I reread all my saved verses on the laptop last night, it was a bit surreal seeing just how much i have written over the years, and some of the recurring themes.


  4. Well, hopefully you already know how I feel, but here goes: I think you are a terrific artist, in many areas, which includes writing. (And I know very well that sensation you feel when you go back to one of your older posts, give it another gander, and think “wow, I actually seem to know what I’m doing!” It’s a wonderful, redemptive experience.) I think we’re both alike in that we know we can create good things, at certain times, but we just have trust issues when it comes to validation, so we will always question what we’ve done.

    And while I’m fascinated with your Resin Nature Art pieces, I’m most enamored of your photos. You capture mood and tone brilliantly, which is why I couldn’t help myself when I scribbled those short stories to go along with some of your evocative shots. In fact, and this has been in the back of my mind for a while, I think it would be really swell if we collaborate on a book, with you providing the photos and me providing the narrative. I’m completely serious about this. Granted, this would be a project for down the road, as right now I’m busy with finishing my third book and you’re busy becoming a celebrated artist, but I do hope you give it some consideration. We can chat about it later…

    It’s so good to see you again! (Big hug.)


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    1. Oh Brian, it is so nice to hear you again. I think you are who I have missed most about blogging. I am blushing incredibly (kind of like a cross between a really ripe raspberry and a beetroot) because of the lovely things you have said about me. I actually took a photo on Tuesday (Oz time) and thought Brian would do something with that”.
      So, when I decided to post something on WP after so many yonks, and when I took a peek at my overloaded reader: lo and behold, I scrolled and saw your post with my pic. It was obviously meant to be, and I do believe that The Universe does this sort of thing for a reason.
      I am especially flattered that you think my photos are good, because I have no training at all in photography, I just take what i think looks nice, and then sometimes tweak it to my view of the world. But I guess that is what all creatives do really.
      I am glad you are progressing with your third book, can’t wait to read it when its done.
      As for a future collab, I’m up for that, would love to see what you can make of my pics (although I might have to actually take some, because that has kind of gone on the back burned in the last while too).

      Hopefully I will get my bum in gear )or at least on my chair) for a little each night to start reading and posting again. It actually feel kind of nice to be here again, so long may that continue.

      Big Hugs from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of OZ (and me too).

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      1. I’ve missed you, too. You have been around since almost the very beginning of Bonnywood, so I have to admit that I was a little blue when I didn’t hear from you for a while. But that’s all water under the bridge. On to bigger and better, right?

        I’m very glad to hear that you are interested in the collaboration. I hesitated mentioning, as I didn’t want to cause any pressure or discomfort, but I think it would be a swell experience. Again, no rush on this, just something to ponder for the future. And honestly, I think you’ve already taken plenty of candidate pictures, so we can just curate what you’ve already done and there’s no need to run stockpile more shots. Unless you happen to stumble across a setting where you think you can capture magic once again, then by all means do so… 😉

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        1. I want to take some more pics, as its something else that i realised i had quietly let drop. If im’ not careful I will turn into an old woman who does nothing to make her brain work, or to keep life enjoyable. I have this pattern of getting into ruts of behaviour, and then it is hard to get out of the ditch, so need to make a little jump back into various other forms of creativity.

          Take care, hope to type soon

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  5. Hi Claudette, I hope the exhibition went well. I feel sure that it did. Ah, yes: imposter syndrome. I don’t know that it ever really leaves us, but at least we come to recognise that old ‘friend’ when it pops up again. All the best, Steve

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    1. Thanks Steve, yes, the Exhibition went well. I still feel like an imposter, even if it’s an “exhibited” one 🙂

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