The Online Dating Poem

There was an old woman, who lived in a house,
not out to the west, but down in the south,
she had some fine daughters, no dog but 2 cats,
6 pairs of shoes and a couple of hats.

She’d had a great husband, but alas he was dead
she’d built a secondhand house and little garden shed,
she was cuddly and round, with a crop of grey hair
she had a small silver car that she drove everywhere.

This little old woman, who lived with the cats
thought that it would be good if she could chat
with a man who might like her, and find her attractive
or failing that, might have funny narrative

She signed up online, and clicked all the boxes
she narrowed it down to weed out old foxes
but alas and alack, it just didn’t work
because all that she found was a big bunch of jerks!

© C Woolley 2013