Homebody Sunday

Today has been a “bits & pieces” day.  Not really sure where the morning went, but this afternoon D1 and I did some polymer clay playing.  D1 is covering her teapot she bought yesterday, and I am finishing up a lolly tin I started last week. (Pictures to follow when they are completed).  I like teapots, their usefulness and their interesting shapes, here is some pictures of one of my first polymer covered teapot.


We went for a walk with our cameras and took lots of photos, it was lovely to be out in the sunshine. 


Later I helped D1 set up her own blog so that she can show her pictures off, her blog is called Little Moments.

Where is D2?, I hear you ask.  Sadly, D2 has been struggling in with her advanced maths homework today, and aggravated sounds have emanated from the kitchen bench all afternoon.

thanks for listening