Zero to Hero – Day 3: A Penny for your Thoughts

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

Mmm, that’s tough, I’m not sure that I had anything on my mind when I started.  I just went back and looked at my first couple of posts and they really were just fluff, my fluff, but just fluff.

Oh, how I wanted to write something wickedly witty, humourously haha, using laugh out loud language.  Alas, it did not happen then, and it does not happen now.

So, if I am truthful with myself, and truthful to the original tagline I started with, (which was ” the perfect bra, and other life adventures” ) I have to write the post I should have written then.  I think it would go something like this:

I’d love a perfect bra,
in soft and silky hues
that gently moulds around my shape
and makes my breasts go “aah”

I’d love some straps that never slip
off my shoulders all the time
a racer back with extra strength
that doesn’t rise – the perfect fit

There would not be the basic white
nor boring beige or black
but all the colours of the rainbow
from pastel soft to bold and bright

My shape would be most well defined
no drooping to be seen
and gravity would disappear
there’d be no t-shirt line

I see now I have gone too far
in dreaming of my wants
but still i keep my my secret wish
to find the perfect bra.

© C Woolley 2014

TPB (the perfect bra)

I briefly touched on the bra issue in a previous post, Op Shop Days, but here is more.

I am a “big busted” girl, always have been since my late teens, and the search for a bra that fits, looks good and feels great has been a bit of a trial for me (and many others as well, I am sure).

Not for me those pretty, lacy, scanty, single-hook-and-eye, thin strappy pieces of fluff, oh no!

No, I get to wear those awful, huge, plain, re-inforced, 4 hook, inch-wide strap things that strive to uphold all of my womanliness against the force of gravity.  Sadly, gravity ALWAYS wins.

So, in a strike against boring, I was happy to buy this “soft” bra – JUST BECAUSE OF THE COLOUR! (it’s red not pink)  Ok, maybe not just because of the colour as I already have it in beige, but also because of the comfort factor.

Red Bra

I am still on the lookout for TPB, one that looks pretty, has straps that don’t slide off my shoulders (would love one in a racer back style, but sadly not in my size) and yes, I have tried the silicone pads under the straps – ended up with huge blisters from the pressure, and one where the underwires don’t jab into your armpits.  Is that too much to ask?  It appears it is.

The search continues .

thanks for listening