ZerotoHero – Day 5: Happily “Ever After” or Love your theme

Day 5 is all about your theme, do you Love your Theme?

I guess this makes me fickle (at first anyway) because when I first started this blog in March, I spent hours hopping from one theme to another – theme promiscuity ran rampant in me.  Now I am in a lovely relationship with “Ever After”, (and only very minimally tempted by all the theme-candy on offer) and in fact I am thinking of committing to Custom Design!

Some of the themes I remember from my early days are “Widely”, “Yoko”, “McKinley”, “Hatch”, “Misty Lake”, “Writr”, the list goes on and on.  I love the visual look of some of the photo-portfolio blogs, but since mine is a mix of writing and pictures, it doesn’t have the same impact. I get sucked in by the demo pages as displayed, and then get let down when my page doesn’t look like them.

Even as recently as a week ago, I briefly flirted with “Spun” – but I did not like the fact that the “comments” box was only indicated by a circle with a + in the middle of it way down at the bottom of the page.  (My Mother couldn’t find it, so that put me off).

Last night I changed my other blog theme from “Spectrum” to “Motif”, and I really am liking that.  Today I tired “Elegant Grunge” because we had to try one that we weren’t attracted to – YEP, not attracted!

So, for now, “Ever After” has me, it has lovely large, well shaped text, a clean layout, and footers (not sidebars, as they distract me).  We’re working well together.