Snail Musings

I have always kind of liked snails, I try to avoid stepping on them when I’m out in the garden, which is hard after it has rained as they are all over the place.  I do wonder why it must have seemed like a good snail idea to slide halfway up the side of the house, just hanging around for days on end on the side of a wall.  I will have to ask D2 about snails, she is a veritable fount of information on things like this, all that time spent on Google I think.

Found this tiny baby snail on the lid of my recycle bin this morning, it was a little bit bigger than a pencil end.  Why would it think the top of a huge recycling bin was a good place to be, what would it eat?  Pondering snail thoughts … very slowly.Image

I love it’s little eye dots!  Perhaps I should introduce it to my 2 polymer snails, just so it won’t be lonely.


Wondering what names would suit them, do you have any ideas?

thanks for listening

Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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