Clay on a Rainy Saturday

Saturday I actually sat down and played!  I had a great time and am really happy with the results.
Sadly 1 item burnt in the oven, but the rest came out fine.
The teapot will have to get a new handle, as the cane just doesn’t suit it anymore, so there is still a little bit more to do there.
I’m thinking the teardrops will make up a necklace, and my new snail “Candy” has joined the herd.

Snail Rampage

I think the snails have been hanging round Snortlesnuffle too much lately, as they slid off on a garden rampage today. 

“How did they manage that?”,  you ask, naively.

Very Slowly! (oh, you walked right into that one).

They frolicked and slimed, munching through my garden, until  I found them and returned them home to their little nest.

Don’t believe me, here is the photographic proof (it took forever to follow them around and catch them in the act).

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Snortlesnuffle and the Snails


Snortlesnuffle and the snails got bored today, so they decided to go for a walk. 

They decided to head towards the “Big Blue Thing” but only managed to get about 1 foot into the rocks, snails are very slow!


Snortlesnuffle chided the snails, and they rose to the taunting, they took off at a ferocious rate.

Snortlesnuffle had to hurry to catch up to them, but the snails soon lagged behind again.  Rocks are not kind to their slimy feet.


Soon they came to the land of Green.  Snortlesnuffle was feeling hungry and stopped to smell a daisy. 

The snails crowded in and said “I think we are lost” and, looking around himself, Snortlesnuffle agreed. 

They huddled together in despair.


Lucky for them I stumbled upon them and rescued them.  All’s well that ends well.

Snails (again), Turbo Chooks and Reading in the Bath

Lovely Autumn day here in southern Taswegia, 30 degrees and glorious sun.  Not sure where the baby snail goes in this sort of weather, but it was on the recycle bin still this morning, although it had moved about 5 cms North West since last night.


Have been trying to understand watermarks for digital content this evening, using free software trial, but I’m not liking the way it shows on the picture, so have to play around and do some more research.  have tried out the watermark on the picture below.

Turbo Chooks

We have a small posse of native hens – “Turbo Chooks” – that call our lawn home, and I just can’t bring myself to like them.  They are raucous and aggressive, they chase the cats around and pop out more little baby chicks each year, which my cats then chase. Guess it evens out in the end between them.  The thing I dislike the most is their beady red eyes, they just look wrong!

After work I had a bit of lunch with my The Mother, and took a couple of pics of her garden, and a nice shot out the window of the car whilst I waited at the roadworks.

Petunia Princess Lily LichenOutlined







I seem to be spending a lot of time doing things on the computer lately, and my reading time has been seriously neglected, so need to get back to that soon.  Perhaps it’s time for a long bath, as it’s always one of my favourite places to read a book.  It always feels so decadent to read a book in the bath, and a glass of wine whilst doing it is super relaxing.  (Thankfully you are spared the picture)!

thanks for listening

Snail Musings

I have always kind of liked snails, I try to avoid stepping on them when I’m out in the garden, which is hard after it has rained as they are all over the place.  I do wonder why it must have seemed like a good snail idea to slide halfway up the side of the house, just hanging around for days on end on the side of a wall.  I will have to ask D2 about snails, she is a veritable fount of information on things like this, all that time spent on Google I think.

Found this tiny baby snail on the lid of my recycle bin this morning, it was a little bit bigger than a pencil end.  Why would it think the top of a huge recycling bin was a good place to be, what would it eat?  Pondering snail thoughts … very slowly.Image

I love it’s little eye dots!  Perhaps I should introduce it to my 2 polymer snails, just so it won’t be lonely.


Wondering what names would suit them, do you have any ideas?

thanks for listening