Snails (again), Turbo Chooks and Reading in the Bath

Lovely Autumn day here in southern Taswegia, 30 degrees and glorious sun.  Not sure where the baby snail goes in this sort of weather, but it was on the recycle bin still this morning, although it had moved about 5 cms North West since last night.


Have been trying to understand watermarks for digital content this evening, using free software trial, but I’m not liking the way it shows on the picture, so have to play around and do some more research.  have tried out the watermark on the picture below.

Turbo Chooks

We have a small posse of native hens – “Turbo Chooks” – that call our lawn home, and I just can’t bring myself to like them.  They are raucous and aggressive, they chase the cats around and pop out more little baby chicks each year, which my cats then chase. Guess it evens out in the end between them.  The thing I dislike the most is their beady red eyes, they just look wrong!

After work I had a bit of lunch with my The Mother, and took a couple of pics of her garden, and a nice shot out the window of the car whilst I waited at the roadworks.

Petunia Princess Lily LichenOutlined







I seem to be spending a lot of time doing things on the computer lately, and my reading time has been seriously neglected, so need to get back to that soon.  Perhaps it’s time for a long bath, as it’s always one of my favourite places to read a book.  It always feels so decadent to read a book in the bath, and a glass of wine whilst doing it is super relaxing.  (Thankfully you are spared the picture)!

thanks for listening

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  1. Gorgeous shot 😀


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