Question 34: Hair – (Delilah & the Beanie)


That stuff that sticks out of our skin, often where we don’t want it, but mainly on our head.  Sometimes we get upset when it doesn’t stick out of our skin (but that’s mainly Men, and they are a notoriously contradictory species)!

Short, long, curly, straight, blonde, brunette, redhead, grey –  it’s usually there just hanging around, doing it’s thing – or not – depending on the weather, how you slept, what time you got up this morning and if there was any goop left in your styling product container of choice!

It may seem like an innocent thing, but have you considered that your hair actually has a secret agenda?  Yep, you read me, a secret agenda, take a minute and consider the following scenario …

You get out of bed, your short hair is tousled (say that word a few times and you come to doubt your understanding of English) in an attractive “I don’t give a hoot what you think – I love it” way, and off you go to work feeling like you’re made of steel – nothing will get to you today.  Your hair is your strength and will protect you from the sneers of trend-setter Delilah in HR (especially because you don’t go to sleep at work – unlike stupid Samson – and also because you stole her scissors yesterday).


You get out of bed, your short hair is sticking out at an angle that would make an isosceles triangle blush.  No amount of goop will make it stick down, and there is a disconcerting idea forming in your mind that you maybe should just stick a beanie on your head and be done with it.  You just know it is going to be the day that the very attractive person, who has been hanging around long-haired, perfectly coiffured Delilah in HR, comes over to talk to you.  This will cause you to wish that you HAD worn the beanie so you could pretend that;
a) Facebook asked you to wear your beanie at work to show support for {insert your football team of choice} or,
b) that your Great Aunt, who just lost the last of her hair to Chemo and asked you to wear the Beanie as a sign of family solidarity.
Unfortunately you didn’t choose the beanie, and you look like a reject from the “Fastest Sheep Sheared by a Novice” contest.

SEE, your hair has dictated your mood, personality and ability to think of plausible reasons for wearing/not wearing a beanie.

Not buying it yet – ok, what about this.

Silky, soft, shiny, short, smart, spiky, sophisticated, stylish, sexy (weird how many “s” words describe hair).

Comb-over, Blue rinse, Split ends, fly away, wind blown, coarse, mousy, greasy (apply them to a description about your hair and see how you feel).

What does your hair say about you? It’s out there – and there’s no keeping it under the hat!

Snail Rampage

I think the snails have been hanging round Snortlesnuffle too much lately, as they slid off on a garden rampage today. 

“How did they manage that?”,  you ask, naively.

Very Slowly! (oh, you walked right into that one).

They frolicked and slimed, munching through my garden, until  I found them and returned them home to their little nest.

Don’t believe me, here is the photographic proof (it took forever to follow them around and catch them in the act).

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Question 9 – Hedgehogs – How do you eat them?

Out of the mouths of babes:

Daughter:  “I had hedgehog slice today,  it was yummy”

Mother:  “Did you eat the little paws, and the nose, and the whiskers?

Daughter:   “Muuuummmmmm”


Gee, I mean, they are so damn cute how can you put them in your mouth, and what about the prickles?

So, the question is what animal is it ok to eat as a snack?

mmmmm ….. Possibly possum cookie, or wombat waffles, echidna eclairs or bat biscuits?

Can’t wait for the comments on this one!

The Snortlesnuffle story continues – or you asked for it NS (from Inkrichment)

The Purple Banded, Yellow Spotted Snortlesnuffle (PBYSS for short) – in anti-cam mode!


When it is is camouflage mode it is entirely invisible against any yellow/purple/green/white/black patterned colours – in fact against anything that looks exactly like it – which isn’t much! – This explains why there are so few of them left!
They spawn by looking at themselves in the mirror, and since there are so few mirrors in their native habitat of earthquake-prone rock quarries, this also goes some ways to explaining their rarity.


Leibster Award – I don’t follow rules well.

The very handsome Tiger Paws Jnr over at nominated me.  I kindly thank him for thinking of me.  Not really sure how I will go with this, but here goes.

The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:

  • The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.
  • Provide 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 question set by the person who nominated you
  • Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions!

I’m supposed to tell you 11 facts about me, Golly Gee

I  yell at inanimate objects, a lot!

I bought my house and had it cut into 4 bits and transported to where I now live.

I dye my hair with indigo.

I had a severe allergic reaction to a commercial hair dye product a few years ago, and looked like a total body burns victim for 6 months.  Don’t even ask about the itching.

When I dye my hair with indigo my silver goes green and then transitions to purple over 2 days.

I am not named after Claudette Colbert, my Dad just liked the name.

I once had my nose pierced.

I have toe rings.

I do not have a tattoo.

Next year I will be 50.

Tiger Paws Jnr wishes to know the answers to these questions

1.  Why do you blog?
For fun, to share, to fill an empty slot in cyberspace

2. What is your favourite thing to write about and why?
Anything that takes my fancy – usually in verse

3.Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Not who, what.  Coffee!  I only have 2 cups a day, so they inspire me to appreciate the little things in life.

4.What would you change about the world and how?
Well, more purple flowers would be good.  I will talk to the bumble bees and see if they will agree to carry dye.

5.What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
Is it Friday yet?  Closely followed by “Do I really have to wake up now”

6. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I’m not clairvoyant, so I really can’t say, but hopefully not in a Nursing Home

7. How many times do you worry a day and what is your biggest one?
I’d be worried if I started counting my worries.

8. What makes you happy?
My daughters, breathing, eating cheesecake or chocolate or both.  Then it makes me sad because I have eaten ALL of it.

9. Make up the first few lines of the story of how we might meet.

When I was walking out today
I met a bear, we went to play
He said his name was Tiger Paws Jnr
I really wish I had met him sooner.

10. Do you like our blog at Tiger Paws?
You are shameless!  🙂 Of course I do, you’re a Teddy Bear, everyone loves teddy bears.

11. What does your list of the day include and will you finish it?
Today I’m going to attend my nephews 1st birthday party, so I really hope I finish that.  Also, I should be completing some Course work for my employer, but I’m pretty sure I WON’T be finishing that.

PHEW, 2 parts finished.  Now on to my Questions (gleeful maniacal giggles)

1.  Spiders – yes or no?

2.  If snails had hands, would you shake them (their hands, not the snails)?

3.  Sweet or Salty?

4.  Are you left or right handed?

5.  Do you sing?

6.  Do you have a Manual or Automatic Drivers Licence?

7.  Cats or dogs, rabbits or guinea pigs, or other small pet-like animals?

8.  Skirts, dresses or jeans and trousers?

9.  If you had to choose your version of Hell, would it be Hot or Cold, or totally Pink?

10.  Will the end the world be a Whimper or a Bang?

11.  Hankies of Tissues?

Now, what poor suckers lovely bloggers will I select for my experiement questionees?  Unfortuantely I can’t figure out how to actually link to this post in your individual comments sections, so if you don’t see this I guess you won’t know.  SIGH, sometimes it is so confusing.


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Question 6: Can Houses go Zombie?

Whilst doing the vacuuming today a thought popped into my head:

I’ve been thinking of windows
as eyes into my houses soul
so it makes me feel quite worried
when at night they start to glow.

This then led me to ponder what will happen if my house goes Zombie Rogue.  Will I have to paint the hallway pink?  Will I have to hang lace cafe curtains to repel the fearsome chomping ability of sash-frame windows?  Will I have to superglue each and every nail down in the floorboards?  Oh, and don’t even get me started on Tents or Caravans, as I think they may be the potential super zombies of the inanimate housing world!

What is your plan for the pacification of the Zombie House apocalypse? Comments most welcome, as I may need all the help I can get.