Question 6: Can Houses go Zombie?

Whilst doing the vacuuming today a thought popped into my head:

I’ve been thinking of windows
as eyes into my houses soul
so it makes me feel quite worried
when at night they start to glow.

This then led me to ponder what will happen if my house goes Zombie Rogue.  Will I have to paint the hallway pink?  Will I have to hang lace cafe curtains to repel the fearsome chomping ability of sash-frame windows?  Will I have to superglue each and every nail down in the floorboards?  Oh, and don’t even get me started on Tents or Caravans, as I think they may be the potential super zombies of the inanimate housing world!

What is your plan for the pacification of the Zombie House apocalypse? Comments most welcome, as I may need all the help I can get.