The Snortlesnuffle story continues – or you asked for it NS (from Inkrichment)

The Purple Banded, Yellow Spotted Snortlesnuffle (PBYSS for short) – in anti-cam mode!


When it is is camouflage mode it is entirely invisible against any yellow/purple/green/white/black patterned colours – in fact against anything that looks exactly like it – which isn’t much! – This explains why there are so few of them left!
They spawn by looking at themselves in the mirror, and since there are so few mirrors in their native habitat of earthquake-prone rock quarries, this also goes some ways to explaining their rarity.


6 responses to “The Snortlesnuffle story continues – or you asked for it NS (from Inkrichment)”

  1. NS thinks she needs to get hold of mirrors, lots and lots of them:D A massive snortlesnuffle takeover is in order.


  2. I have the perfect environment for breeding snortlesnuffles, since that is the exact same colour scheme of my sitting room, and I have a vast array of mirrors, since it is a well known fact that redheaded witches are extremely vain!!


    1. Oh, mayhaps you will see little snortlesnuffles popping out soon, or mayhaps you’ve will have been drinking too much when you see little snortlesnuffles popping out. 😀


      1. Aha!! Mayhaps that is why I thought that colour scheme worked in the first place!! :p


        1. heheheheheheheheh snortle snuffle chuckle splurt


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