Snortlesnuffle and the Snails


Snortlesnuffle and the snails got bored today, so they decided to go for a walk. 

They decided to head towards the “Big Blue Thing” but only managed to get about 1 foot into the rocks, snails are very slow!


Snortlesnuffle chided the snails, and they rose to the taunting, they took off at a ferocious rate.

Snortlesnuffle had to hurry to catch up to them, but the snails soon lagged behind again.  Rocks are not kind to their slimy feet.


Soon they came to the land of Green.  Snortlesnuffle was feeling hungry and stopped to smell a daisy. 

The snails crowded in and said “I think we are lost” and, looking around himself, Snortlesnuffle agreed. 

They huddled together in despair.


Lucky for them I stumbled upon them and rescued them.  All’s well that ends well.