Beginnings and Endings, Accepting Change



Sometimes the only difference between the beginning and the end, is the direction you face.

Today offered me an opportunity for change, the ending of something and the beginning of a new thing.  Change is always hard for me, but I think this change can be good for me in a lot of ways, and I think the Universe is telling me it is time!

In the past I have had issues with change, I like the comfort of routine, the security of knowing that I can actually do the things that I have been doing.  Not all new things/changes throw me, I love reading new books, trying out new ways of putting jewellery together, but I am reluctant to change things of a more important nature.

Life threw me, and by extension my family, a big change when my husband got ill, and later died, but it was one of those changes that you can’t do anything about EXCEPT keep going forward.  Even though it was an incredibly hard time it did teach me that sometimes if you don’t have a choice you can do more, endure more, than you could ever imagine.

Each day begins and ends, but through the course of it there are many choices/changes that occur that we don’t even consciously realise, and every now and then I need to be reminded not to over-think it.

No matter what direction you face on this earth, and even though you might not see it, each morning there is a sunrise and at the end of each day a sunset, we just need to learn to appreciate the change of colour in between.

thanks for listening

Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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