Habit & Pattern

Hydrangeo Heart (2)

I am a person of pattern
of habit and rhythm in life
and when this gets interrupted
it can cause all manner of strife

I’m working from home at the moment
I’m not sad to give up the commute
it’s just that my new “office” layout
is not really made to suit

I am a person of process
do this, then this, and then that
when something is not in it’s order
in has a flow on effect

I’m starting to find a new pattern
it is wobbly, when I long for smooth
but a good life is never a constant
and repetition will eventually soothe

I am a person of habit
but that rhythm can lead you astray
so I’m working on new ways of being
as I wait through these “stay at home” days

© ceenoa

“On This Day” Repost – Haiku Challenge

Facebook “On This Day” has just reminded me that once upon a time I enjoyed participating in a Haiku Challenge.  This one resonated with me today, as it’s challenge words were “think” and “fresh“.  The original post from 2 years ago can be found here.   


The fresh scent of Autumn
shaking off languid Summer
I think of regrets.

© ceenoa

A Change is just a change

I’m stymied and stumped, my freshness has fled,
it’s covered by the dust-bunnies that live in my head.
I’ve been racking my brains for a new way to blog
but my thoughts have been dampened by low lying fog.

I don’t want to mimic what others have done,
no weak copies here, that wouldn’t be fun.
I’ve been having some trouble with this kind of dream,
so I thought: take the easy road – search for a theme!

Well, I must be theme-jaded, I clicked through a lot,
but none of them shone like the cream of the crop.
I feel kind of boring for not tweaking my page,
but a new set of templates it seems is not what I crave.

I want something new, that glistens and shines,
like frosted cobwebs, or dew-sparkled vines.
A fresh way of showing you things that I like,
a newness as sharp as the stars in the night.

Until it arrives, I am sorry to say,
you’re stuck with me and my boring old ways.
So no news from me, of new things to see,
as the year ticks further on into January.

I’ve not given up on this idea of mine,
I’ll go on with my thinking, and a thought I might find,
and perchance I should brainwave a startling plan,
be assured I’ll advise you as soon as I can.

© ceenoa

Wordy Wednesday

Sometimes we just don’t hear them,
those little wake-up calls,
our ears are full of cotton wool,
until we take the fall.

We wonder why we stumble,
there was nothing in the way,
our eyes don’t see the rubble,
that we look at every day.

Our voices become loud and brash,
to compete with all the noise,
they lose the art of gentle tones,
when the world seems cold and harsh.

Yet sometimes when we least expect,
we notice all these signs,
that tell us to take stock right now,
lest tomorrow be not kind.

There’s time to change,
to move aside, to take another path,
to listen to the Universe
when it speaks within your heart.

So find your point of happiness
and hold it close to you,
for life is short and fleeting,
so enjoy what what you do.

It may be big, it may be small,
the thing that makes you smile,
what matters is, that in that moment,
you are content and satisfied.

© ceenoa

A change is as good as …?

In the last week I have been “tweaking” my blog and I have actually changed my Theme.  Back in Feb 2014 when I started this blog I picked the “Ever After” theme because I liked the clean 1 column layout, and I had been very happy with it.  But sometimes you just have that urge to freshen things up (at least I do), so after spending nearly a whole day previewing just about every other new theme I finally settled on “Plane”.

“Plane” is also a 1 column layout but slightly wider.  I love how my photos now nearly fill the whole screen, and all the white space around my verse.  There is only one thing I’m not completely happy with, and that is the colour choice that comes with it, unless you upgrade.  However, I am learning to live with Brown and it’s understatement may become my friend.

In line with this urge to “tweak”, yesterday I merged my second blog with this one.  I had been contemplating this for ages, but always a small spark of something – ?affection? – had stopped me before.  I had actually completed a merge of it once before, but then immediately deleted it all!   Yesterday I just got on with it and I am pleased that I did.  The majority of the content from my other blog were “Questions”, with some photo challenges thrown in for relief.  I exported it from one blog and imported it into this one, which allowed me to bring all the comments with it.

If you’re interested in seeing the “Questions” from that blog they are on a new page I created called “If you’re looking for Answers“, which contains a link to the category “Questions” (I was proud I figured out how to do that all by myself).

Happy New Year.

Beginnings and Endings, Accepting Change



Sometimes the only difference between the beginning and the end, is the direction you face.

Today offered me an opportunity for change, the ending of something and the beginning of a new thing.  Change is always hard for me, but I think this change can be good for me in a lot of ways, and I think the Universe is telling me it is time!

In the past I have had issues with change, I like the comfort of routine, the security of knowing that I can actually do the things that I have been doing.  Not all new things/changes throw me, I love reading new books, trying out new ways of putting jewellery together, but I am reluctant to change things of a more important nature.

Life threw me, and by extension my family, a big change when my husband got ill, and later died, but it was one of those changes that you can’t do anything about EXCEPT keep going forward.  Even though it was an incredibly hard time it did teach me that sometimes if you don’t have a choice you can do more, endure more, than you could ever imagine.

Each day begins and ends, but through the course of it there are many choices/changes that occur that we don’t even consciously realise, and every now and then I need to be reminded not to over-think it.

No matter what direction you face on this earth, and even though you might not see it, each morning there is a sunrise and at the end of each day a sunset, we just need to learn to appreciate the change of colour in between.

thanks for listening