Wordy Wednesday

Sometimes we just don’t hear them,
those little wake-up calls,
our ears are full of cotton wool,
until we take the fall.

We wonder why we stumble,
there was nothing in the way,
our eyes don’t see the rubble,
that we look at every day.

Our voices become loud and brash,
to compete with all the noise,
they lose the art of gentle tones,
when the world seems cold and harsh.

Yet sometimes when we least expect,
we notice all these signs,
that tell us to take stock right now,
lest tomorrow be not kind.

There’s time to change,
to move aside, to take another path,
to listen to the Universe
when it speaks within your heart.

So find your point of happiness
and hold it close to you,
for life is short and fleeting,
so enjoy what what you do.

It may be big, it may be small,
the thing that makes you smile,
what matters is, that in that moment,
you are content and satisfied.

Β© ceenoa

18 responses to “Wordy Wednesday”

    1. Thank you Osyth. Hope things are well in your slice of paradise.

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      1. All is well – I have my youngest daughter staying which makes me very happy ☺️

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        1. yay. My oldest daughter and her son are coming down tomorrow for the weekend – love it when that happens.

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          1. How lovely! Enjoy your time together 😊

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  1. Grab those moments big or small, we never know how long we have to savour them.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful Claudette. πŸ™‚

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    1. You are very kind to say so, thanks.

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  3. True words, Claudette. Beautifully written.

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    1. Thanks you very much Jane.


  4. Wonderful. I think this might be my favorite one that you’ve done. (Okay, to be fair, I should say “my favorite one that I’ve read”, because I’m sure I missed a few. Still, love it.)

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    1. πŸ™‚ Thanks Brian. Very nice of you to say so. Now I’m just trying to live it, making changes in my life to be what I want to be.

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  5. Beautiful words Claudette. A lovely expression of breaking away from the day to day, towards something new. Enjoy your weekend with the girls and Noah x

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    1. Thanks Ruth. I am slowly changing, trusting my instincts, even if they lead me somewhere completely different than where I think I am going.
      Yes, I will be enjoying many Granma hugs this weekend, and daughter cuddles and laughs. Hope you have a good one too.

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  6. Be sure to take your own prescription daughter! Lovely thoughts and so well expressed. Life can rush by, and when we suddenly decide to reach out and grab it, it might be too late for what we wanted to do with it.So ENJOY TODAY!

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    1. I am trying to be intentional about enjoying it – which can take some concentration, but I think I will get the hang of it. Love you Mum.


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