Habit & Pattern

Hydrangeo Heart (2)

I am a person of pattern
of habit and rhythm in life
and when this gets interrupted
it can cause all manner of strife

I’m working from home at the moment
I’m not sad to give up the commute
it’s just that my new “office” layout
is not really made to suit

I am a person of process
do this, then this, and then that
when something is not in it’s order
in has a flow on effect

I’m starting to find a new pattern
it is wobbly, when I long for smooth
but a good life is never a constant
and repetition will eventually soothe

I am a person of habit
but that rhythm can lead you astray
so I’m working on new ways of being
as I wait through these “stay at home” days

© ceenoa

9 responses to “Habit & Pattern”

  1. Excellently expressed and good counsel for us all.

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  2. I love this. It speaks my heart and habit and struggle and I know it echoes the most not the few.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. The struggle is worth it.

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      1. Every word meant.

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  3. Clever and fully understandable. (Yes, I know I’m retired, but I love my patterns and they aren’t available right now.)

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    1. Patterns are everywhere, in all we do. To have them discombobulated is discomforting at the least. Take care my friend.

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  4. I complete identify with this! I’ve been very discombobulated and it’s quite unsettling. And the worst thing is, by the time I grow into my new habits, I’ll have to change them again. *ugh*

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    1. Ah, but perhaps we wont want to change some of our new habits? Wouldn’t that be a thing!

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