A Shoutout for my Mum’s Blog

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

If any are so inclined my Mum’s Blog, From Heart to Head,  has Poetry and some photos, of the gentle, thoughtful, and insightful kind.

She is turning 80 on 24th May and I would love for her to get some followers that actually interact with and comment on her posts. Currently she is posting each day about something she is grateful for.

If you would care to visit her blog please do remember that she is 80, a Christian, of good morals and manners and treat her with the respect and kindness you would like your Mother to receive.


A change is as good as …?

In the last week I have been “tweaking” my blog and I have actually changed my Theme.  Back in Feb 2014 when I started this blog I picked the “Ever After” theme because I liked the clean 1 column layout, and I had been very happy with it.  But sometimes you just have that urge to freshen things up (at least I do), so after spending nearly a whole day previewing just about every other new theme I finally settled on “Plane”.

“Plane” is also a 1 column layout but slightly wider.  I love how my photos now nearly fill the whole screen, and all the white space around my verse.  There is only one thing I’m not completely happy with, and that is the colour choice that comes with it, unless you upgrade.  However, I am learning to live with Brown and it’s understatement may become my friend.

In line with this urge to “tweak”, yesterday I merged my second blog with this one.  I had been contemplating this for ages, but always a small spark of something – ?affection? – had stopped me before.  I had actually completed a merge of it once before, but then immediately deleted it all!   Yesterday I just got on with it and I am pleased that I did.  The majority of the content from my other blog were “Questions”, with some photo challenges thrown in for relief.  I exported it from one blog and imported it into this one, which allowed me to bring all the comments with it.

If you’re interested in seeing the “Questions” from that blog they are on a new page I created called “If you’re looking for Answers“, which contains a link to the category “Questions” (I was proud I figured out how to do that all by myself).

Happy New Year.

Toadstools, toadstools and more toadstools, – Oh, and a New Blog

Today was a good day to be out in the garden, the Autumn weather was mild, and I managed to get a few jobs out of the way.  I mowed the acres, filled potholes in the drive and chainsawed a few trees that had fallen over.

I also managed to take a few photos of the toadstools that are springing up everywhere at this time of the year, a cat in a nest, the dry grass heads and a daylily.



Even though these toadstools are poisonous, their little red & white shapes are quite hard to resist taking pictures of.  I liked the patterning on the brown one, conservative but interesting.

Whilst I was taking photos I came across Rara curled up in her nest in the grass, she wasn’t impressed that I disturbed her!


I pretended that I was only taking photos of the dry grass heads, I don’t think she believed me, so I wandered off to take a picture of this …

ImageOh, the new Blog, – well I decided I wanted something a little bit more silly, so started a new blog about answers, or rather, the fact that I don’t have any.  If you want to check it out go here

thanks for listening