Oh, Damn it all

evening-grassApologies to “Danny Boy” but the tune caught in my thoughts, and so the rhythm of the rhyme mimics the song , of a sort.

Oh, damn it all,
the grass, the grass is calling,
from fence to fence,
and down the driveway too,
it’s growing fast,
my garden’s disappearing,
into a jungle green,
of lush, and knee-high grass.

Oh, damn it all,
the grass, the grass is calling,
and I must go,
and get the mower out,
to cut the grass,
when I’d rather I was doing,
anything else, but sitting here,
and thinking grassy thoughts.

And I’ll be back,
next week to do the same thing,
for it is Spring,
and this is what it does,
it torments me,
this verdant, grassy greeness,
so I will go,
and slay it to the ground.

Oh, damn it all,
the grass, the grass is calling,
and I must mow,
and cut it to the ground,
the rain and sun,
will work all week to heal it,
and it will grow again,
and so the vicious circle goes.

© ceenoa


P.S.  Now, admit it – did you try and sing it to the tune? 🙂

Black and White Photography Challenge: Day 4 – One among Many

 Hugh invited me to participate in the Black & White Photography Challenge and I have been quite enjoying it, which is a bit surprising as I love colour.  This photo is a very good example of why I am rethinking B & W, the focus stands out so much more without colour.

Day 4 – One among Many

One among many
One among many

Toadstools, toadstools and more toadstools, – Oh, and a New Blog

Today was a good day to be out in the garden, the Autumn weather was mild, and I managed to get a few jobs out of the way.  I mowed the acres, filled potholes in the drive and chainsawed a few trees that had fallen over.

I also managed to take a few photos of the toadstools that are springing up everywhere at this time of the year, a cat in a nest, the dry grass heads and a daylily.



Even though these toadstools are poisonous, their little red & white shapes are quite hard to resist taking pictures of.  I liked the patterning on the brown one, conservative but interesting.

Whilst I was taking photos I came across Rara curled up in her nest in the grass, she wasn’t impressed that I disturbed her!


I pretended that I was only taking photos of the dry grass heads, I don’t think she believed me, so I wandered off to take a picture of this …

ImageOh, the new Blog, – well I decided I wanted something a little bit more silly, so started a new blog about answers, or rather, the fact that I don’t have any.  If you want to check it out go here

thanks for listening

Up close in my garden, and I love Bubbles

This morning I took a walk around my garden, things are drying off here and the leaves are starting to turn to Autumn colours, but there are still pretty things to look at, you just have to get a bit closer. Of the 96 photos I took, these 5 made the blog.

Spider Web in the Grass

Webs in grass

Silver Birch Bark


Gaillardia “Fanfare” seed head


Dead Thistle


Grass with unfocussed background


This evening I felt like blowing some bubbles, it’s hard to worry when you blow bubbles, and the evening weather was perfect for it …..alas, the bubble stuff didn’t want to do it’s thing, so here are 2 of my favourite bubble pictures taken last year.


I really like this photo, taken before they reach their perfect shape – bit like what happens in life!


Hope your day was filled with good things – if not – try some bubbles.

thanks for listening