Up close in my garden, and I love Bubbles

This morning I took a walk around my garden, things are drying off here and the leaves are starting to turn to Autumn colours, but there are still pretty things to look at, you just have to get a bit closer. Of the 96 photos I took, these 5 made the blog.

Spider Web in the Grass

Webs in grass

Silver Birch Bark


Gaillardia “Fanfare” seed head


Dead Thistle


Grass with unfocussed background


This evening I felt like blowing some bubbles, it’s hard to worry when you blow bubbles, and the evening weather was perfect for it …..alas, the bubble stuff didn’t want to do it’s thing, so here are 2 of my favourite bubble pictures taken last year.


I really like this photo, taken before they reach their perfect shape – bit like what happens in life!


Hope your day was filled with good things – if not – try some bubbles.

thanks for listening

Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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