Answers for Christin

For Christin at “This is Life”, your questions are answered:

11 Questions to my chosen nominees:

1.What would you have done differently in life? No cop outs here. We ALL wish we’d done something differently. Even if you don’t want to share it, think about it and acknowledge it (then forgive yourself for not doing it).

I can’t tell you, it wasn’t nice, and I do try to forgive myself, but it is hard.  The one I can tell you about is eating the last piece of ……….. – BUT no, that is quite gruesome too.

2. What clique did you belong to in high school?

Never really had one, not something that was prevalent in my High School – “Averages” if I had to put a tag on it.

3.  Where do you most want to visit?

New Zealand (at the moment)

4.  What is your favorite place that you’ve been to?

Scotland, Ireland and Wales -(but really, my home.  I am always so much happier when I come home)

5. If money was of no consequence, what would you do with your life?

Have a beautiful materialistic lifestyle (because all the money in the world can’t bring my love back) – and definitely a Low Fat Chef

6.  From your 7 year old self’s perspective, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A mum – objective achieved!

7.  Do you have any pets?

Currently, 2 cats.  At other times, house-cows, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs (20 at once, they all had babies), birds, mice, rat

8.  Do you remember life before CD’s?

Vinyl and Cassettes were part of my teenage years.

9.  Who is your favorite author and why?

Terry Pratchett – always makes me laugh

10.  Did you think by the year 2000, we’d be flying around in hover crafts like the Jetson’s? Do you know who the Jetson’s are?

i wish, I could go for a hovercraft.  Jetson’s, check – cartoon – although only known from my adulthood

Last one is a doozie….
11. What do you tell yourself and others that keeps you from following your joy in life?

“This will make me happy” – as I eat the last {insert food item of your choice}.

Now you know all my secrets  🙂


Toadstools, toadstools and more toadstools, – Oh, and a New Blog

Today was a good day to be out in the garden, the Autumn weather was mild, and I managed to get a few jobs out of the way.  I mowed the acres, filled potholes in the drive and chainsawed a few trees that had fallen over.

I also managed to take a few photos of the toadstools that are springing up everywhere at this time of the year, a cat in a nest, the dry grass heads and a daylily.



Even though these toadstools are poisonous, their little red & white shapes are quite hard to resist taking pictures of.  I liked the patterning on the brown one, conservative but interesting.

Whilst I was taking photos I came across Rara curled up in her nest in the grass, she wasn’t impressed that I disturbed her!


I pretended that I was only taking photos of the dry grass heads, I don’t think she believed me, so I wandered off to take a picture of this …

ImageOh, the new Blog, – well I decided I wanted something a little bit more silly, so started a new blog about answers, or rather, the fact that I don’t have any.  If you want to check it out go here

thanks for listening