Bunny Leavings

IMG_20170416_170532The little fluffy bunnies,
have now all skipped away,
and left behind their leavings,
their eggs, on Easter Day.

I cannot understand it,
how bunnies can lay eggs,
especially with shells that shine,
in colours: blue, green, gold and red.

And when you crack them open,
instead of yellow yoke,
they are all sadly empty,
is this some kind of joke?

But still I’ll eat these empty eggs
I can’t let them go to waste
’cause even if they’re hollow
I love the chocolate taste.

© ceenoa

Reasons for the Marshmallow Mantra

You know how you have that vision, the one where you are laying back nibbling on chocolate, reading your favourite book or watching your favourite DVD, sipping wine and pretending that you are a real grown up adult, and basking in the glorious peaceful silence, the silence which is golden, of no person needing your attention.

Yeah, you know that one!

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a soul-shattering sham, a fabricated fantastical fairytale, a complete crock of confabulation.

Maybe, just maybe, you enjoy it for a maximum of five minutes, and then it’s something like this:

why is my house so quiet and empty?
why do I have such a large house anyway?
is this what it will be like when I’m old and by myself?
I don’t want to get old and live by myself, who will I talk to?
I’m allergic to cats so how can I be the crazy, muttering, cat lady when I get old?
Why can’t I stop thinking about the fact that I’m thinking about being old and alone?

Marshmallows, marshmallows, marshmallows

what if something has happened to her?
what if she needs me?
what if she doesn’t need me?

Marshmallows, marshmallows, marshmallows

why is there nothing to eat?
why is my metabolism not working?
why don’t I actually have chocolate and wine?
how many times do you have to eat vegetables anyway?
is it ok to have a peanut butter sandwich for tea again tonight?

Marshmallows, marshmallows, marshmallows


P.S if you’re wondering about the marshmallows, they are what I think about when I don’t want to think about something. Denial/Avoidance works well when I say the word, sometimes if I need extra oomph in a D/A situation I will go further and visualise their fluffy gooiness!
HEY, it works for me!

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I’m a battered old “wind-up” that has lost its key
a “down-to-the-last-dregs”, no power left battery
the season has turned and the sun disappeared
and its happening again, just as I feared

the grey skies have brought out the gloom within me
the cold makes me ache, and my eyes do not see
all the beauty in trees as they drop their leaves
nor sunlight on clouds pushed fast by the breeze

I’m looking inside where the SAD now resides
the morass and the muck where enthusiasm dies
I struggle to move, to wade to the shore
but gravity sucks, I sink downward much more

Each morning I wake up, and silently plea
“don’t let the SAD in, don’t let it touch me”
I put on my armour as I brush my hair
I swear to pretend, that it isn’t there

I wish for some chocolate, some wine and a friend
to come to my rescue and make the SAD end
if only this moment, if only today
your friendship, your laughter, can drive it away

so sit by shoulder and raise your glass high
I’ll tell you a story, we’ll laugh and not cry
for right at this moment with you by my side
SAD agrees to my offer, we’ve called a ceasefire

© ceenoa 23.5.2014

Love is a many splendoured thing – or a bunch of ……

they’re little colured pills
that promise all your ills
will soon be sent away

they taste good on your lips
and feel bad on your hips
but we swallow anyway

in a packet
or a bucket
by the hand
or by the bowl
we open wide
throw them inside
and munch, and crunch, and groan

oh, chocolate, how I love you
your praises I shall sing
your brown and gooey gloriousness
so much pleasure to me brings.

© ceenoa 2/5/2014