Bunny Leavings

IMG_20170416_170532The little fluffy bunnies,
have now all skipped away,
and left behind their leavings,
their eggs, on Easter Day.

I cannot understand it,
how bunnies can lay eggs,
especially with shells that shine,
in colours: blue, green, gold and red.

And when you crack them open,
instead of yellow yoke,
they are all sadly empty,
is this some kind of joke?

But still I’ll eat these empty eggs
I can’t let them go to waste
’cause even if they’re hollow
I love the chocolate taste.

© ceenoa

Frenzied Chocolate Chickens

the frenzied chocolate chickens
have all at last calmed down
as now their Easter eggs are safe
since the rabbit has left town

peace has at last descended
now they’ve stopped their raucous clucking
and their feathers are much sleeker
since they stopped their nervous plucking

the eggs are now returning
from whence they had been hid
and the chickens think they’re safe now
but I’ve got a pot and lid

I fancy boiled eggs
not those soft chocolate kind
just plain and simple hard boiled
that is what is on my mind

so Easter may be over
but the danger to their eggs
is ever present all the time
if they only used their heads.

© ceenoa