Random Questions: from my 17yr old daughter

The latest questions; from my 17yr old daughter

Why do I have boobs?

Can I be a Mantis Shrimp?

Why are they called Unicorns and not Unihorns?

Why do penguins have knees?

If you know the answers, please forward them as soon as possible, you could save my sanity.


4 responses to “Random Questions: from my 17yr old daughter”

  1. The more I check your blog out, the more I like it. Nice job!


  2. 1.Because men don’t have them
    2. How about a lobster?
    3. Because their horns are like corns and corn sounds better
    4. They do situps for exercise. They need their knees

    These answers will probably add to the whole losing your sanity bit.


  3. Excellent answers, thanks for taking the time to do this/ I especially like the situp answer, I can just imagine chubby little penguins doing that 🙂


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