“On This Day” Repost – Haiku Challenge

Facebook “On This Day” has just reminded me that once upon a time I enjoyed participating in a Haiku Challenge.  This one resonated with me today, as it’s challenge words were “think” and “fresh“.  The original post from 2 years ago can be found here.   


The fresh scent of Autumn
shaking off languid Summer
I think of regrets.

© ceenoa

I’m not sure why I did it

I’m not sure why I did it,
it was impulsive, this I know,
and now I’m in a panic,
and I’m sure that’s going to grow.

I’m now thinking of the wisdom,
about the thing I did,
perhaps I should have kept it,
rather than the getting rid.

The list is getting longer,
of things I must do now,
and time is getting shorter,
in which to get them done somehow.

I never should have said it,
I should have stayed quiet as a mouse,
oh, if only I hadn’t acted so rashly,
and signed up to sell my house!

 © ceenoa    

    Thistlemore Jan 2015 (3)

Saturday Disappears

My Saturday just disappeared, wish I could get it back
I sat in front of the computer and fell down the internet crack.

I didn’t mean to do it, spend all day surfing the online
I should have down the housework, instead of frittering all my time.

If someone comes to visit, I’ll have to go and hide
as the house is in a frightful state – I really should have tried.

I’m regretting all the moments I didn’t sit out in the sun
because evening falls so swiftly now that it is Autumn.

Oh, WordPress, you’re oppressing me with demands upon my time
to look at this, and look at that – I need a glass of wine.

There are so many, many blogs, that I would like to read
and scroll through all the comments, that like the rabbits, breed.

I’ll never reach the end of it, my day has disappeared
the internet has me seduced, it is as I have feared

There’s just too much to look at, to comment on and like
it’s a never-ending cycle, like a chain upon a bike.

I promise that tomorrow I will not do as today
I’ll brace myself and shut the lid …….and then I’ll RUN away.

© C Woolley  2014