I’m not sure why I did it

I’m not sure why I did it,
it was impulsive, this I know,
and now I’m in a panic,
and I’m sure that’s going to grow.

I’m now thinking of the wisdom,
about the thing I did,
perhaps I should have kept it,
rather than the getting rid.

The list is getting longer,
of things I must do now,
and time is getting shorter,
in which to get them done somehow.

I never should have said it,
I should have stayed quiet as a mouse,
oh, if only I hadn’t acted so rashly,
and signed up to sell my house!

 © ceenoa    

    Thistlemore Jan 2015 (3)

11 responses to “I’m not sure why I did it”

  1. Lovely photo of green and blue when all I see outside is dreary winter. Where are you thinking of moving to?


    1. about 20 minutes further up the road, Ranelagh.

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  2. Oh no, have you really sold up, Claudette?


    1. No, only listed Hugh, have to find someone with the right amount of money yet 🙂

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      1. Well, I wish you the best of luck with it, Claudette. Moving house can be stressful. Take care, and I know you’ll keep us posted on your blog. xx

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        1. I’m not moving yet and I’m already stressed 🙂


          1. Mamma Mia! Watch Mamma Mia 🙂

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  3. Wow how exciting Claudette, a new adventure! Good luck. Love the poem and it had me guessing to the end.

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    1. well, sneakily that was my intention, so glad it worked 🙂

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  4. What a fun read!

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    1. Thanks Kevin, glad you enjoyed it.

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