A Change is just a change

I’m stymied and stumped, my freshness has fled,
it’s covered by the dust-bunnies that live in my head.
I’ve been racking my brains for a new way to blog
but my thoughts have been dampened by low lying fog.

I don’t want to mimic what others have done,
no weak copies here, that wouldn’t be fun.
I’ve been having some trouble with this kind of dream,
so I thought: take the easy road – search for a theme!

Well, I must be theme-jaded, I clicked through a lot,
but none of them shone like the cream of the crop.
I feel kind of boring for not tweaking my page,
but a new set of templates it seems is not what I crave.

I want something new, that glistens and shines,
like frosted cobwebs, or dew-sparkled vines.
A fresh way of showing you things that I like,
a newness as sharp as the stars in the night.

Until it arrives, I am sorry to say,
you’re stuck with me and my boring old ways.
So no news from me, of new things to see,
as the year ticks further on into January.

I’ve not given up on this idea of mine,
I’ll go on with my thinking, and a thought I might find,
and perchance I should brainwave a startling plan,
be assured I’ll advise you as soon as I can.

© ceenoa