Driving through Mordor, play day with Glass, Polymer & Foil

Today was Play Day! I’ve had a great day finishing, starting, and getting half-way through, some projects.  So here are some pics to give you a visual idea of how my day went.

Got up at 7am to get ready to take D2 to up the road to catch a ride with a friend,as they were going to town to attend an anime convention.  Took picture of mist on the river (looks like it should be in Mordor somewhere).

Mist on Huon

Home to coffee, breakfast, washing clothes, make a couple of dichroic glass pendants and put them in the kiln to cook. (still cooking).

Finish off Barley Sugar Tin, bake & varnish.Image

String 5 glass pendants I made weeks ago to make 5 necklaces:

blog pic of 5

Start foiling top of large box:


Then a potter outside in the garden, lunch, another coffee, read the paper, start polishing D1’s polymer teapot, take photos, download, edit & upload photos (76ish, but who’s counting), update Facebook page, collect D2 from bus, have tea, and now here I’m here;  post to blog.

Still need to upload jewellery photos to website, write descriptions and price tag items so I can take them to the gallery next week.

Think I need another coffee.

thanks for listening

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