Zero to Hero – Day 2: What’s in a name?

Day 2 of this challenge is about the Title and Tagline of our blogs.  Are we happy with them or should we change them?

I am happy with my title, and I changed my tagline a couple of weeks ago.  Originally it was “in search of the perfect bra”, and I was going to document my trials and tribulations in that search, but that was quiet limiting and so I changed it to what it is now, “happiness in everyday events”.  It gives me plenty of “wriggle room” (ooh, that would be a good blog name too), as to what I put in my post, and I like that.

thanks for listening

5 responses to “Zero to Hero – Day 2: What’s in a name?”

  1. I really like the idea behind happiness in everyday events. . What a great tagline. This is just what I am I’m my own life. I have a couple other private blogs I’ve not done much with. My favorite, that I have big plans for (but don’t know those plans yet) is Adventures in Happiness. In the meantime, I’m using {This is Life} as my training wheels. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your nice words. My brain has just started thinking of all sorts of titles and taglines that would make a good blog – BUT not what the content would be. Maybe I’ll just list them in a post as a collection. I like the sound of Adventures in Happiness. Good luck with the training wheels, I’ll be watching to make sure they don’t fall off – that wasn’t meant to be “watching” in any creepy in any sort of way 🙂


      1. HAHA, no creepiness taken. I am constantly thinking of new and exciting things…now if I would just ACT on the ideas, I might just be on to something! I like your idea of listing your own titles/taglines as a collection. That might be kinda fun to see.


  2. Oops, pardon the typos. On my phone and the one thing I really really cannot stand about WordPress is the inability to edit comments. I wrote it, why can’t I fix it?? Grrrr…


    1. Didn’t even see them. The brain is quite amazing at seeing what it expects to see, hence those lovely paragraphs that have no vowels in them but yet you can understand them ( don’t know if you’ve ever seen them, but they prove they point exceptionally well.
      Yes, typos are frustrating when you can’t edit them. I wonder why they don’t allow editing?


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