Words I don’t live by

“To thine own self be true”

“Live each day as if it is your last”

“Don’t worry, be happy”


Just a few examples of thoughts that i have given up trying to emulate, due to the relationship I have with food.

If I followed the examples above I would;

A) accept that I will never be thin again, and not angst/feel guilty over the fact that I like to eat yummy food.

b) if it’s my last day to be alive, why would I waste it dieting?  Wouldn’t I want to eat that fabulous dessert, drink the exotic cocktail, eat the doughnuts, bread or pasta of my dreams?


c) eat what I wanted, whenever I wanted, and not worry! (About the fact that my waistline is an ever expanding elastic string about to reach it’s explosion point, that my weight increases the risk of all sorts of very nasty diseases that lead to shortness of life span, that clothes are a pain to find in my size, blah, blah, etc, blah.

SO, in conclusion, these are the words they should have said:

“To thine own self be true”but only after you’ve read the self-help book (after all, who knows you better than someone you have never met, but has managed to be a multi-million dollar best seller of self help books?)

“Live each day as if it is your last”but remember – hopefully – it probably isn’t (so just eat the celery and carrots and lettuce and try to ignore all the lovely food that calls like a siren to you.)

“Don’t worry, be happy”but realise that hardly anyone actually achieves this on a day-to-day basis (so embrace your worry – you might be successful in smothering it if you hug it hard enough!)

Yipee – I won a Gargleblaster Award

I’m feeling pretty happy right now – because of this lovely post on the Gargleblaster blog:


Hitchhiker’s prize!

And because it’s my birthday, and because this one made me smile, I’m awarding a hitchhiker’s prize this week! It goes to Claudette, a newbie who missed the grid, but linked to her poem Gaia and Luna in the comments. Her poem is a little tongue-in-cheek and a lot social commentary.

Gaia, earthbound beauty, bathed all in light speaks softly to Luna, her pale sister of night “I’ve a horrible feeling all over my skin I’ve just heard of Humanity, can you look and see, if something hideous is crawling on me?”

Congrats, Claudette, and welcome to yeah write! There’s a snazzy badge for you over there to the left.


Zero to Hero – Day 9: Inspiration doesn’t strike!

The assignment today from Bloggin101 is to post something inspired by the “About Me” page I wrote yesterday.  Weirdly enough, as you’d think someone who takes the time to blog would want to say something about themselves, I don’t want to talk more about me.  I felt I said enough yesterday, so what more do I choose to tell you.

I have toe rings, I sometimes sing
my eyes are blue, my hair is grey
I love to play with polymer clay.

I took a class to play with glass
but my beads aren’t round, so I melt them down
I use my kiln to fuse and slump it, and also for glass that is dichroic.

Some clay, glass, metal or wire
entwined in a fashion
to make simple jewellery – my hobby “passion”

I was a carer for my husband for 3 years before he died, raising our girls through this time with the constant help of my Mum (mother of advanced age- MOAA), who cared for them whilst I spent large amounts of time at the hospital with my husband. I sadly admit now that I can’t remember a lot of things from those years, my girls often say “do you remember when ……..Mum?” and I can’t.  It breaks my heart that I cannot remember those precious years when they were so young.

So funny, weird, silly is my way of coping with what has been lost.  Sometimes it is just easier for me to write it in rhyme.

I’m trying to focus on happy, positive (without going to the perky positivity of extremes), joyful things in life.  Which, I guess, is what my blog is about.  So there, in a way I have been inspired by writing this post.


“I Don’t Do Happy”

I have a cousin who, when questioned about her life, would say “I don’t do happy”.  For a while there I though this was quite a sensible thought.  My life felt dark, empty, full of grief and sadness, and I couldn’t imagine that it would get better in any way that would allow me to be “happy” again.  I was quite attracted to the idea of going around saying “I don’t do happy” to any person who asked how I was.  Thank goodness I got over it.

Ok, so I am not the SAME happy as I was when my husband was alive, when we were raising our family, life was good, and we thought we had years to look forward to, and our favourite saying was “I want to grow old and senile with you”.  But I am happy in that each day I get to spend time with my children, be in this beautiful place I live in, be fortunate enough to be able to pay my bills and still have a bit left over to fritter from time to time, smell the fresh air, remember my memories, and even that I can still feel sad whilst knowing that I won’t stay forever in that moment.

So, now I try to think  “I Do Happy”, which is why I have changed my tagline line ever so slightly, from “happiness in everyday events” to    ….“happiness in every day”.

This makes me happy
This makes me happy

thanks for listening

Zero to Hero – Day 2: What’s in a name?

Day 2 of this challenge is about the Title and Tagline of our blogs.  Are we happy with them or should we change them?

I am happy with my title, and I changed my tagline a couple of weeks ago.  Originally it was “in search of the perfect bra”, and I was going to document my trials and tribulations in that search, but that was quiet limiting and so I changed it to what it is now, “happiness in everyday events”.  It gives me plenty of “wriggle room” (ooh, that would be a good blog name too), as to what I put in my post, and I like that.

thanks for listening

Food Rant Diversion to Reality

I was going to have a rant about food – the fact that I’m eating it constantly even though I’m not hungry, how my eating is out of control, how I don’t know what to do, blah, blah, blah. 

Then I thought, SHUT UP! 

 D2 asked me to cut her hair again, so I did, and it turned out quite well. 

ImageI coloured my hair with Indigo, and by tomorrow my silvery grey hair will have turned purple. 

I played games on the computer,

It was a beautiful day, mild & warm, and I pottered a bit in the garden,

ImageI uploaded some photos from yesterday.


I friend messaged me and we made a lunch date for tomorrow.

In short, I enjoyed myself.

So, no whining from me today.

thanks for listening.