Yipee – I won a Gargleblaster Award

I’m feeling pretty happy right now – because of this lovely post on the Gargleblaster blog:


Hitchhiker’s prize!

And because it’s my birthday, and because this one made me smile, I’m awarding a hitchhiker’s prize this week! It goes to Claudette, a newbie who missed the grid, but linked to her poem Gaia and Luna in the comments. Her poem is a little tongue-in-cheek and a lot social commentary.

Gaia, earthbound beauty, bathed all in light speaks softly to Luna, her pale sister of night “I’ve a horrible feeling all over my skin I’ve just heard of Humanity, can you look and see, if something hideous is crawling on me?”

Congrats, Claudette, and welcome to yeah write! There’s a snazzy badge for you over there to the left.