Moments of the Month – February 2016

Eagle and Crow (1) inverted

I inverted this photo of an Eagle and a Crow, I love the change it makes to the birds, and the lavender grass.

Crescent Moon

The Glow, the Crescent, the Craters.  The Moon gives me a promise that there is more than what we know on Earth.

River Plant (2)

This is a hard colour to photograph with my camera, I have tried many times and ended up deleting the photo, so when this shot turned out I was really happy.  I like the way it occupies the space in the photo too.

Moon thru branches (2) bandicoot

The Framing, the Black & White, the minimal scenery.


The veins and the bright colour.


I wish I had caught them when they faced me, but it was through the Kitchen window and the angle was wrong.  Still like the photo though – who doesn’t like Robin Red Breasts.

Daisy (2)

Joyous, childlike innocence – it just makes me happy to look at this photo.

Random Photos – Week 11/15

Things that caught my eye last week:

Birds seem to pop up everywhere this week, these are the photos I finally settled on, a Red Robin, an Egret in the Early Morning, a Cormorant and Crows!  Yes, I finally managed to get a shot of crows, multiple crows – now I just need a close up.

Facts I learnt this week:  there are 2 types of dandelions growing in my lawn, who knew? Photographing a fairy isn’t easy!  Camellia Seed pods are bizarre.  The weird coloured cloud may be an alien mothership (that’s probably not a fact, but if it is you heard it here first).  Rainbows never look as good in a photo I take as they do in real life.  Ships with red sails are not necessarily invading raiders.

Work Road Trip

The last two days of this week I had to go away for work, and I managed to get a couple of reasonable photos on my old camera, as I am still waiting for my new one to arrive.

Moorhen Bathing

Moorhen Bathing

This Moorhen in my backyard was bathing in a puddle on my path.

Still Water Port Huon, Tasmania
Still Water
Port Huon, Tasmania

These boats were taken just 3 minutes up the road.  Now I am not a fan of boat photos, but the water was still as glass and I could not resist the reflections.

Kelvedon Beach,  East Coast, Tasmania
Kelvedon Beach,
East Coast, Tasmania
Kelvedon Beach,  East Coast, Tasmania
Kelvedon Beach,
East Coast, Tasmania

Thursday was a beautiful day to be driving up the East Coast, but unfortunately due to time restrictions I didn’t really have an opportunity to take photos.  These two photos were taken on the roadside.  What you don’t see is the Panaorama photo I thought I had taken!  (The view extends in an arc over 180 degrees at this point).  It was beautiful on a 28 degree day – the sparkle on the water, the distant spume against the land making a little mist that hugged the coastline, and the lone tree, bent against the wind near the tumbledown wall.

A Friend on the Road, Fingal, Tasmania
A Friend on the Road, Fingal, Tasmania

Driving through country near Fingal I stopped to take a picture of a crow (which I didn’t get) and instead took this lovely face peering at the road. I love the shaggy ears.

Ruffled Feathers, Lake Dove, Oatlands, Tasmania
Ruffled Feathers, Lake Dulverton, Oatlands, Tasmania

This little black water bird amongst the Seagulls at lake Dulverton amused me, and the wind ruffling his feathers seemed opportune just after I clicked the button!

Windmill Oatlands, Tasmania
Oatlands, Tasmania

The working windmill at Oatlands.  I love the white sails against the blue sky, and it made a nice sound as it ticked over.

Odd Bird Out, Lake Dove, Oatlands, Tasmania
Odd Bird Out, Lake Dulverton, Oatlands, Tasmania

The black water bird again, love how he has actually merged with the seagull behind.  Lake Dulverton was abounding with birdlife of all kinds.

Hope you enjoyed my little road trip, next time I will allow more time so I can take some proper photos.