Emotography – Week 38/2016



Daises always remind me of one of my oldest friends.  When the cheerfully popped their little heads up in her lawn she would respond with using the mower to dissuade them from doing so.  That memory always makes me smile.  She lives in another state now, and I haven’t seen her for many years, but daisies always remind me of Nell.


If you would like to participate with your own Emotography, check out my  EPE Invitation where I explain what it all means and tell you how.

Moments of the Month- January 2016

Because I still take a lot of photographs, and posting just one a week for the EPE isn’t winnowing down my stock, I thought I’d showcase a few of my favourites at the end of each month, with just a few words as to why I like them.

Strangely, although I usually prefer colour, this month I just liked some of my photos better in black and white.

Graham Thomas B&W
Graham Thomas

I don’t know why, but this says “Summer Country Wedding” to me.

Daisies (2)
Daisies and Raindrops

I love how the last 2 daisies show against the darkness, one twisted and reaching and the other cupped open.

Roaring Beach (7) darkened bandicoot
Roaring Beach Silhouette

Branches against the sky, silver trunks bare and stark.

Dahlia Bud
Dahlia Bud

The flip of the leaf, the arch of the stem.

Rose and Raindrops (1) grayscale
Pierre De Ronsard after the Rain

That droplet down in the far right corner in all its crystal clarity.

Sentinel & Hawk
Sentinel Tree and Hawk

A very lucky shot – freedom.

Sentinel Hill b&w
The Dry Paddock

The looming clouds against the dry grass.

Random Photos – Week 11/15

Things that caught my eye last week:

Birds seem to pop up everywhere this week, these are the photos I finally settled on, a Red Robin, an Egret in the Early Morning, a Cormorant and Crows!  Yes, I finally managed to get a shot of crows, multiple crows – now I just need a close up.

Facts I learnt this week:  there are 2 types of dandelions growing in my lawn, who knew? Photographing a fairy isn’t easy!  Camellia Seed pods are bizarre.  The weird coloured cloud may be an alien mothership (that’s probably not a fact, but if it is you heard it here first).  Rainbows never look as good in a photo I take as they do in real life.  Ships with red sails are not necessarily invading raiders.