Moments of the Month – July 2016

Paradise Sparkles

The colour, the shine of the raindrops, the shape of the petals

Camellia Volunteer (1) B&W

The shape of the petals and the lack of colour are what I like in this one.

Moss on brick

The Moss Slug, coming to eat me – well it might!


Rosa “Peace” – and this photos echoes that to me, soft colours and scattered raindrops.

rainbow cloud

Look really closely, tilt your screen if you need to, to see the weird rainbow cloud.  It was amazing in reality, but I couldn’t capture it properly with my phone camera.

Rusty Tractor

I love the orange rust on the abandoned tractor frame in the regrowth against the rock backdrop.

Moments of the Month – May 2016

Lots of Flowers this month – it’s been quite this month.  Here’s what I love about these photos.


Peace Heart

Peek-a-Boo Heart, soft colours

Cobwebbed Paddock (4)

Weird Phenomenon – Cobwebs everywhere – looking fairy-like in the morning dew

Daisy (2)

Happy Colours, the purple seems to pulse out from the blue

Robin Redbreast (2)

Robin Red Breast – searching diligently for Breakfast – I love how they flit hither and yon

Frosty May (1)

My favourite photo of the year so far.  Cool, cool colours with a quite splash of frosty red


Snap me if you can – loving the colour and the closeup


Surreal – the colour again, and the out of focus areas highlighting the stamen arch

Monthly Moments – April 2016

Montbretia (2)

I love the shadow on the water – like some foreign ink writing

Daisy Head (inverted) 2

Inverted photo of a Daisy Head – I love that little tuft on the side.

Red Velvet

This just says “Lush” to me – the colour, the softness, the sparkly drops of water.


Quiet monotone colours of a Moth.


New life opening, love the contrast with the green and the tiny burst of pink.

Port Huon

All those sparkles – and the bird against the sky make this a favourite.

Sweet William

The simplicity of a Sweet William.

Moments of the Month – February 2016

Eagle and Crow (1) inverted

I inverted this photo of an Eagle and a Crow, I love the change it makes to the birds, and the lavender grass.

Crescent Moon

The Glow, the Crescent, the Craters.  The Moon gives me a promise that there is more than what we know on Earth.

River Plant (2)

This is a hard colour to photograph with my camera, I have tried many times and ended up deleting the photo, so when this shot turned out I was really happy.  I like the way it occupies the space in the photo too.

Moon thru branches (2) bandicoot

The Framing, the Black & White, the minimal scenery.


The veins and the bright colour.


I wish I had caught them when they faced me, but it was through the Kitchen window and the angle was wrong.  Still like the photo though – who doesn’t like Robin Red Breasts.

Daisy (2)

Joyous, childlike innocence – it just makes me happy to look at this photo.

Moments of the Month- January 2016

Because I still take a lot of photographs, and posting just one a week for the EPE isn’t winnowing down my stock, I thought I’d showcase a few of my favourites at the end of each month, with just a few words as to why I like them.

Strangely, although I usually prefer colour, this month I just liked some of my photos better in black and white.

Graham Thomas B&W
Graham Thomas

I don’t know why, but this says “Summer Country Wedding” to me.

Daisies (2)
Daisies and Raindrops

I love how the last 2 daisies show against the darkness, one twisted and reaching and the other cupped open.

Roaring Beach (7) darkened bandicoot
Roaring Beach Silhouette

Branches against the sky, silver trunks bare and stark.

Dahlia Bud
Dahlia Bud

The flip of the leaf, the arch of the stem.

Rose and Raindrops (1) grayscale
Pierre De Ronsard after the Rain

That droplet down in the far right corner in all its crystal clarity.

Sentinel & Hawk
Sentinel Tree and Hawk

A very lucky shot – freedom.

Sentinel Hill b&w
The Dry Paddock

The looming clouds against the dry grass.