Monthly Moments – April 2016

Montbretia (2)

I love the shadow on the water – like some foreign ink writing

Daisy Head (inverted) 2

Inverted photo of a Daisy Head – I love that little tuft on the side.

Red Velvet

This just says “Lush” to me – the colour, the softness, the sparkly drops of water.


Quiet monotone colours of a Moth.


New life opening, love the contrast with the green and the tiny burst of pink.

Port Huon

All those sparkles – and the bird against the sky make this a favourite.

Sweet William

The simplicity of a Sweet William.

13 responses to “Monthly Moments – April 2016”

  1. Fave: Inverted Daisy Head. (The tuft is just so defiant…)

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    1. 🙂 Yes, it’s like a little boys hairdo after he has been madly gallivanting around outside doing adventurous things.

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  2. My fav has to be the contrasting colours of the first picture, and the tattoo-like shadow effect.

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    1. Yes, that appeals to me mightily.

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  3. This is stunning photography. I hope that May brings this much color to my life. 🙂

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    1. Thank you – I hope your life is filled with colour.

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  4. They are all lovely photos but my favourite is the water droplets own the bright rose.

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    1. Yes, my favourite too – I have been saving that one for the right moment.

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  5. Wow, i love the moth

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    1. I like his/her gentle colours, but I admit to mostly being drawn to bright colours. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it.


      1. no worries — I read your stuff all the time even though I might not always comment

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        1. Ah, you are like me then a silent liker. Sometimes I just “like” something without having any words to support it. Plus I don’t like typing that much wither. 🙂


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