Moments of the Month โ€“ May 2016

Lots of Flowers this month – it’s been quite this month.ย  Here’s what I love about these photos.


Peace Heart

Peek-a-Boo Heart, soft colours

Cobwebbed Paddock (4)

Weird Phenomenon – Cobwebs everywhere – looking fairy-like in the morning dew

Daisy (2)

Happy Colours, the purple seems to pulse out from the blue

Robin Redbreast (2)

Robin Red Breast – searching diligently for Breakfast – I love how they flit hither and yon

Frosty May (1)

My favourite photo of the year so far.ย  Cool, cool colours with a quite splash of frosty red


Snap me if you can – loving the colour and the closeup


Surreal – the colour again, and the out of focus areas highlighting the stamen arch

Monthly Moments โ€“ April 2016

Montbretia (2)

I love the shadow on the water – like some foreign ink writing

Daisy Head (inverted) 2

Inverted photo of a Daisy Head – I love that little tuft on the side.

Red Velvet

This just says “Lush” to me – the colour, the softness, the sparkly drops of water.


Quiet monotone colours of a Moth.


New life opening, love the contrast with the green and the tiny burst of pink.

Port Huon

All those sparkles – and the bird against the sky make this a favourite.

Sweet William

The simplicity of a Sweet William.