Moments of the Month- January 2016

Because I still take a lot of photographs, and posting just one a week for the EPE isn’t winnowing down my stock, I thought I’d showcase a few of my favourites at the end of each month, with just a few words as to why I like them.

Strangely, although I usually prefer colour, this month I just liked some of my photos better in black and white.

Graham Thomas B&W
Graham Thomas

I don’t know why, but this says “Summer Country Wedding” to me.

Daisies (2)
Daisies and Raindrops

I love how the last 2 daisies show against the darkness, one twisted and reaching and the other cupped open.

Roaring Beach (7) darkened bandicoot
Roaring Beach Silhouette

Branches against the sky, silver trunks bare and stark.

Dahlia Bud
Dahlia Bud

The flip of the leaf, the arch of the stem.

Rose and Raindrops (1) grayscale
Pierre De Ronsard after the Rain

That droplet down in the far right corner in all its crystal clarity.

Sentinel & Hawk
Sentinel Tree and Hawk

A very lucky shot – freedom.

Sentinel Hill b&w
The Dry Paddock

The looming clouds against the dry grass.

21 responses to “Moments of the Month- January 2016”

  1. you have a lovely eye for nature and this world! absolutely beautiful!!

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  2. And all beautiful as usual! Thanks! Keep clicking!

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    1. Most kind of you to say. Don’t think I will stop for a fair while yet 🙂


  3. Very arty farty Claudette, I love each and every one of them , great choices. Daisies at the best models and its hard not to get a happy bright and summery shot, yours was particularly nice, I just love the colour.. black and white – your turning to the dark side, I must confess I find when processing my photos I end up with a lot more black and whites than I used to and crave them sometimes, theyre like chocolate. Lovely gallery 🙂

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    1. Hehe – to the dark side I turn … the arty farty dark side no less 🙂 (I wonder if Dart Vader took selfies?) I still love colour, but sometimes they just seem to work in B&W, but I compare and compare and sometimes get so confused that I give up in the end and just leave them be. It’s like too many lollies in the shop – which one to pick!

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      1. I know the feeling 😊

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  4. All very nice, but that opening shot is beautiful…

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    1. Thanks Brian, it was a lovely golden yellow rose, but somehow it worked better in B&W. I was happy with them all, and they all had “something” that I thought made them worthwhile.


  5. Stunning photography. Makes me feel as if I am right beside the photographer taking the photo.

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    1. Thanks Hugh, you’re welcome to visit my little slice of paradise any old time 🙂

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      1. That is very kind of you to say, Claudette. If we ever do make it to your part of the world then I’ll be sure to let you know.

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  6. These are all so beautiful! Nature, perfectly captured. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Phoebe, really appreciate your kind words.


  7. Beautiful shots! Black and white can bring an entirely different feel to a photograph, can’t it?

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    1. It is amazing what the lack of colour can do – somehow it adds a bigger impact by being less.
      Thanks for your compliment on the photos.

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  8. The black and white works well. Love the bare branches reaching up to the sky and the last photo. Keep posting your pics 🙂

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    1. Thanks Ruth. Bare branches are always attractive to me, they have such a lovely silver sheen, and so smooth. Thanks for all your support of my blog, I really appreciate it.

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  9. The black and whites are particularly to my liking. You have captured the nature around you so pleasingly.

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    1. Thank you very much. I have had some practice as I really like natural subjects 🙂

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  10. You got some great shots in January! My favourites are the tree and hawk and the yellow flowers with droplets.

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    1. Thanks so much. I was really lucky with the tree and hawk, it was flying around and I took some shots with the zoom and happily got one that look okay. The daises are one of my favourite flowers to photograph, they always look bright and happy.


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