Emotography – A Participation Event Invitation

WARNING:  this is a long post (for me anyways) you may need coffee/tea/milo/bonox, food, a sleeping bag, alcohol, chocolate, your choice of adrenaline junkie fix and a transoceanic flight to make it to the end!

If you follow my blog, or have randomly stumbled across it, you may notice that I like photos, quite a bit.  Last year I faithfully posted a weekly selection.

With the New Year I thought a change was needed, but I didn’t want to stop posting photos, I just wanted to do it differently, freshen it up a bit – what to do, what to do?   The format I decided on was this, Emotography 1/2016, and I am quite happy with the concept.

Then I was commenting to Osyth that I would love other people to get involved, and before you can say “lightbulb moment” she agreed with me!

So then I started to think how I would go about asking others to join in.  I decided I didn’t want to use the word “Challenge” (because I am not challenging you to fit something into any predetermined definition chosen by yours truly), but I really wanted people to participate (show a photograph and describe the emotion that it caused).  So I settled on “Participation Event”.

So, now here I am writing a post, inviting you to join in with your own Emotography post.

“What the heck is Emotography?” you ask.

Well, it’s just my made up word –

(at least I think it is a made up word, just pardon me whilst I check with my good friend Google. OK, I have checked and the word does show (but without a definition) and not in the context of how I am using the word)

– because to me it means emotional photography.  Specifically, the emotion that caused me to press the camera shutter and capture the photo,  = Emote (emotional) Photography.

Still with me?  Ok, so Emotography is the emotion that led to, or occurred because of, the taking of the photo.

If you would like to participate here is how to do so:

  • simply create a post on your own Blog with your photo and a few words that describe the emotion engendered by it.
  • The words can be in any format you like, straight sentences, descriptive words, verse, poetry, rhyme, rap, whatever works for you
  • Title your post however you like, you can include “Emotography Participation Event” or “EPE” (for short) or “Emotography” if you wish to
  • If you tag your post with the word “Emotography” you will be able to do a search to see who else is participating (as long as they have too)
  • Put your post link in the comments of my Weekly Post (that way I can do a showcase each week and promote your blog and your post).

I hope some of you may be tempted to participate as I’m really looking forward to the differences we all experience when we look at things.

Happy Emoting.





173 thoughts on “Emotography – A Participation Event Invitation

    • Claudette 16/09/2016 / 9:52 pm

      Nice photo Sue, I understand why he was feeling like that.


    • Claudette 25/09/2016 / 1:14 pm

      Thanks for joining in again Sue – I like this one, the facial expression is very interesting.


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